What's the price?

From around £2.40 per meal*

Cambridge Weight Plan has a plan as individual as you!  

Please contact your local Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant to find out more details.

Brand Weekly Price

  • Cambridge Weight Plan £50.40
    Based on 3 products a day from £2.40, and a one-to-one session with your Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant
  • LighterLife £72.40
    Based on 4 products a day, average price £2.05, and £15 weekly group/telephone session
  • Slim-Fast £68.60
    Based on the 3-2-1 plan - 3 snacks, 2 products and 1 healthy meal. Example from recipes provided - spicy asian chicken ramen

* On our Step 1 programme you can expect to have three or four meals a day depending on gender and height. These meals will be made up entirely of Cambridge products. Please contact your local Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant for more details.

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  • UK
  • Republic of Ireland
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